Lolldaiga Hills

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Help researchers document the biodiversity of this exceptionally diverse area in order to better understand, manage, and conserve its species. Lolldaiga Hills Ranch (ca. 200 km²) is located in the highlands of central Kenya about 10 km off the northwest slope of Mount Kenya and 16 km north of the equator.

Lolldaiga Hills Ranch is part of the Lolldaiga Hills Conservation Landscape (ca. 550 km²). For its size, this landscape holds the highest diversity (57 species) of medium- and large-sized mammal species the world---eight of which are globally threatened with extinction according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. On Lolldaiga Hills Ranch alone, 401 species of bird have been recorded to date---of which 11 species are globally threatened. As such, ‘Important Bird and Biodiversity Area’ status is currently pending for eastern Laikipia, which includes Lolldaiga Hills Ranch.

Research conducted by the Lolldaiga Hills Research Programme includes:

1) Documenting the biological diversity of the Lolldaiga Hills Conservation Landscape in order to develop authoritative and comprehensive species lists; 2) Undertaking and supporting applied ecological research, particularly on threatened species and habitats; 3) Monitoring species abundance and distribution in order to detect change and trends;

The camera traps employed on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch are often moved in order to document change in species presence, abundance and distribution in the many habitat types. In fact, the presence on Lolldaiga Hills Ranch of several secretive, nocturnal, and uncommon species of mammal and bird would not be known if not for the camera traps.