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Monitor otter activity in Hampshire to better understand their movements and behaviour.

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Thames Estuary

Help conservation scientists to understand how seals use a popular haul-out site in the Thames Estuary.

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Stepnoi Surveillance

Spot the saiga! Help monitor the Russian Steppe wildlife in Stepnoi reserve, including critically endangered saiga, wolves, & foxes.

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Osa Camera Trap Network

Help researchers track the abundance of Wildcats and their prey in the Osa Peninsula.

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Lolldaiga Hills

Help researchers document the biodiversity of this exceptionally diverse area to better understand, manage, & conserve them.

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Italian Central Apennines

Help researchers to produce an atlas of the local fauna & investigate the occurrence and density of medium and large carnivore species

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Help researchers monitor important wolf populations in remote wildernesses in Croatia, also home to bears and lynx.

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Help conservationists understand what threats such as logging mean for species living in one of the planet's oldest rainforests.

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